( Chardi ) WSSDCA Coolabah Queen of Diamonds

Welcome to
White Ice Kennels

We purchased our first White Swiss Shepherd 5 years ago 
Coolabah Queen of Diamonds (Chardi) 
a WSSDCA Dog and fell in love with the Breed.
Then in June 2014 along came Pandorras- Crystal Mountain (Shiraz)
She is our first ANKC White Swiss Shepherd Bitch,

White Ice Kennels offers ANKC registered White Swiss Shepherds.
We are members of 
Dogs Qld, Australin National Kennel Council Ltd (ANKC)
The White Swiss Shepherd Dog Club of Australia Incorporated (WSSDCA)
We own, breed, show, train White Swiss Shepher Glamour / Long coats
Our puppies are sold under our prefix SANDISWISS.
We have good quality and well socialised White Swiss Shepherd puppies available .
Our dogs are active in Obedience, Rally-Obedience and Breed shows.
White Ice dog owners are people who care about the quality of the breed and love their dogs so whether you are wanting a Show dog, Sporting Dog or just a great pet give us a call!
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